Wild Flower Meadows

Wild flower and meadow gardening has with the rapid disappearance of the biodiversity of our natural landscape become a very fashionable form of landscaping . To observe the annual development of a meadow , especially one of wild flowers when species not in the original seed mix start to colonise it is fascinating .
Wild flower gardens can range in size from a table top to a rugby pitch to a motorway embankment – and I should know I have walked along a few of them .

That a meadow requires no maintenance is a mistaken belief , however it is true that the amount of work required is much less than for more traditional forms of gardening.Environmentally it must make sense to reduce the vast areas of mown grass along roadsides and around commercial premises – meadow gardening makes sense as well as looking great and helping to restore biodiversity.

Roadside patch of ox eye daisies

Some more examples (clickable)